Still fresh.

The Story Goes...

It started in 2011 in Cascadia.
Like many people of my generation, I got quite a bit into Tumblr. My rabbit hole took me down the path of little craftsmen brands, the workwear trend, and the gentleman revival. I bought some leather and took part. This was the key image I used to originally bring the brand to life.

Then I moved to London.
But I took my tools with me. The brand continued to grow, but my career and new city took the most of my energy and attention so I left the brand to die. But it didn't. Even with over-the-top photoshoots in our bedroom.

People kept buying them.
After selling a wallet to a real life Jim Whittle I thought that was the signal - the perfect finale. Unfortunately I used some complicated order processing system that I couldn't figure out how to fully shut down so people keep buying them. Like 4 years after I gave up on throwing in the towel I was still getting emails like this one from the Clerkenwell Post Office guy where I spent many lunch breaks.

Screw it, let's do this.
Instead of spending more time failing at shutting this thing down, I'm just going to go with it. The wallet designs are still fresh - they always will be. So be sure to have one, bruv.


I'm no PR expert, so these shoutouts are very much appreciated.

Slim Wallet


Subtle style for all your cards.
A small piece of leather and a symmetrical design turns a simple card holder into a two pocket powerhouse. More versatile and a better organizer, while still fitting into small pockets.

My most efficient and celebrated wallet design.
Holds plenty of cards and even some cashHand cut and stitched, full-grain leatherSubtly branded on the insideAvailable in black



Everything is made in Tacoma, WA.Items ship within 7 days of ordering.Shipping is $5.Returns accepted on new merchandise only.Any repairs are done free of charge, customer covers shipping charges.Wholesale orders available.
For any further information, please get in touch using the form.